FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Garages

Do I need to hire a Licensed Contractor?

No you don’t. But for your protection, it is highly recommended that you hire only professional builders who are licensed in the state which the building will be done. Most residential builders are required to have a state contractors license.

How can I obtain information about a contractor?

This information is easy to obtain. Simply contact the builders association in your area or your state builders association. They will have detailed and specific information about most all state licensed contractors. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau by calling toll free: 1-800-646-6222. They may be able to tell you if any complaints have been filed against a specific contractor.

Do contractors provide references?

Most contractors are happy to provide references to help ease your mind. Contact as many former customers of the contractor as possible to see if they were satisfied with the work. Ask if they encountered any problems and if so, how were they resolved. It’s also helpful to ask the contractor to see buildings similar to those you are interested.

How do I “weed out” the unprofessional contractors?

They say that knowledge is power… Ask a lot of questions and learn as much about the contractor as possible.

Here are some key questions which will help “weed-out” the less than desirable contractors:

Note: Ask for and have them put it in writing as to when they will be starting and completing the job, understanding that justifiable delays do occur.

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